Ultimate Super Luigi Wii V1.1.0


Ultimate Super Luigi Wii is a full hack just like Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii by the Ultimate Green Team. This mod will act similarly to Newer using the same engine but featuring the forgotten Luigi once again with a more ultimate style of gameplay. Playable legally on any homebrew-enabled Wii; no piracy or hardware mods needed. This is the official sequel to MLG Super Luigi Bros Wii. This mod was made by Nintendo fans with no profit in mind!


Latest News

Ultimate Super Luigi WII HAS RELEASED (2/9/20)

At long last Ultimate Super Luigi Wii is here. 2+ years of work from 6 staffs members. Big thanks to them and those who have supported us through this journey. The download can be found on the download tab. The trailer is also available for viewing. >>>

Edit: Patch 1.1.0 is now Available (2/22/20) A patch tab has also been added to our website so you can view what we've fixed

We've finished all 1/19/20

We've done everything we've could and we're here to say the hack is done. We are now compiling it into two different versions. One for those that use riivolution on Wii/vWii and one special version that can be accessed on the Wii U menu without having to go the vWii menu.. The Wii U version will be available at the same time the regular riivultion will be available. At this point expect a release in Feburary or maybe the same time a old hack I made came out... Screenshots are also finally available after 4 years :)

I can't believe it! 7/11/19

Wow I'm shocked but after all thats happened the hack could be released right now as I've fixed some huge problems which were first found impossible but then became a reality. SO yes Project Green is still alive to those worried and as of now the hack is 95% done. I could release it now but theres still some goodies I'd like to add. I will most likely post on my YT and discussion about all thats been fixed and or changed since the pre-release/beta "LP's" me and NinTyler did as I fixed a lot of bugs and nearly changed every level to be more ultimate.

More Content and Delay! 1/25/19

Its great not to put an actual release date because I never know when the hack is what I want it to be. So yes despite me saying the hack will release in winter. Well its not. Why? More content and Luigi sfx. And by more content we mean more custom music by us and a new model import.

Iggy3434 LP-ing! 10/26/18

Iggy3434 the project leader has started a lets play on his channel of the mod in beta. To see what the mod has to offer currently come check out his channel "Iggy3434" to see a full 100% LP of the mod!  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjsqmVS--9lbnjHi37d3s9w

Final World Complete as well as Final Boss 1/20/18

We're are nearing end of devlopment and we're way ahead of schedule. We still have to work on a secret snow world and the credits but otherwise, we're done! Just some tileset modifcations some finalized music and it's done. Screenshots from PvpPlaysMc will be comming soon!

Wowee! 9/16/18

Iggy3434 has just fully developer tested the game to 100% and everything has gone smoothly but one thing. Its a minor thing but it was a mistake made in MLG Luigi that shoulda been addressed so that issue will be addressed and fixed. We'll keep you updated when pre-releases come out.

The Final Boss is Coming! 10/29/17

The Final Boss in World 5 is now being worked on as well as World 3 has been started by CoinKiller. We're trying to make the Final Boss Contain as much nostaligia as possible as well as we have a custom model import that has been finished a long time ago made by StupidMario that is going to be used!

Sooo Close! 8/1/18

Ok so well everything is like done but 3 levels and 1 model import. Whole soundtrack...done, tilesets...done, Extra unintended character...done (5 playable characters). Once we finish the few levels and get the model successfully imported, Pre-releases will be available for certain YouTubers for promotion and testing as well. We have also just released our soundtrack which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvpxbT-Tdok

New Team NAME! 6/4/17

We have decided to change our project to Ultimate Super Luigi Wii as we've realized how epic this hack is going to be!

Welcome to the team Zachabossaloler! 5/16/17

He will be our new tileset designer! Also feel free to check our documentation which has all our ideas planned for the final project.

World 2 Complete! 10/6/17

Ancient and Spooky Ruins is all finished! We've had a lot of downtime but as of now World 2 is complete along with all the music, levels, and the map. As of now we just need to finish World 3, World 5 and the Special World! Also welcome to the Team CoinKiller and PVPPlaysMC!

Newer Luigi REBORN 5/13/17

Been a year and in the end Gota7 left, TMolter left and Sdslayer left but one person. Iggy3434 stayed working on his end of the bargin only to see everyone else gave up. So Iggy has started up a new team comprised of 4+ truely dedicated people who are bound to help complete a hack that should have been done 5 years ago! Newer Super Luigi Wii has been secretly reborn and better than ever.  Welcome Stupidmario1brosfan, Marionose1, and Itz_Orca to the Ultimate Green Team!

2009 Nintendo, 2013 Newer Team, 2017-2020 Ultimate Green Team 

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